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Product Innovation Charter


Contents of a PIC

Background: Key ideas from the situation analysis; management dicta

Focus: A clear technology dimension and a clear market dimension that match and have good potential.

Goals/Objectives: What the project will accomplish.

Guidelines: Rules, requirements, time/quality/cost, etc.

A Sample PIC

This is a PIC for an intangible business product.


Smaller offices have bought new computer systems, pose unique service opportunity which we will address using

(1) our system analysis skills and

(2) our field service capabilities.


(1) To overcome all reasonable objections about service levels by this group,

(2) increase net operating revenues from this service by $18 million per year.


Create unique service approaches based on current field service resources; protect from quick competitive emulation; low development expenditures; minimum development time required.


Product Innovation Charter


Stagnating drapes sales in the surgical-medical division. Sales in US market had limited growth and overseas markets were limited by high cost.


The focus of the company is reducing infections from the skin through surgical drapes and surgical prepping. Creating a Competency in surgical drape technology in a cost containing environment.


The goal is come up with breakthrough product within the current business strategy that can revive the business unit.


The new product should be within the existing business strategy of the unit.


Corning Glass Works develops pyroceramin in the 1950s and up front homework looks into market opportunities. After winnowing these down, a kitchenware team is given the following charter.

Product innovation charter


Women are entering the workforce in greater numbers, and are very stressed for time at home. The advent of frozen foods and other conveniences are changing the way people prepare and serve food. There is an opportunity for an attractive vessel that can go from the freezer to the stove top to the dinner table.


(a) Technology: Utilize the unique thermal properties of pyroceram. Use current glass product manufacturing technologies.

(b) Markets: Home makers in specified income bracket. Must also appeal to large retailers that will be used as channels. Benefit segment is characterized by those who value practical convenience and afforda bility, without compromising table appearance.

Goals and objectives:

Cookware must be attractive and affordable. We intend to build a long-term market, so the sales objectives (specify) in early years will outweigh near term ROI on this launch. We should seek to launch, or be ready to follow up with, an entire line of cookware.


Use current distribution channels. The cookware should fit seamlessly into the kitchen environment (freezer space, stovetop limitation, cleaning, service at the table). Expect to incur large advertising expenditures (specify) to build awa reness.

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